October 2017 Hikes

October 5, 2017: 
Battle Creek Regional Park Hike (St. Paul) – Hike Leader: Chris Olson

Join us for a hike among the Sandstone cliffs and steep slopes of St. Paul’s jewel, Battle Creek Park.

BattleCreekbridgeBattle Creek was named for the battle of Kaposia in 1842, between the Ojibwe and Dakota. It flows into Pig’s Eye Lake from the high land east of the river valley. Another great ravine there, having numerous tall white pines, is named Pine Cooley, from the French word “coule,” meaning “a ravine or run.” The approach of the Ojibwe for the attack and their retreat was by way of the ravines of Battle Creek and Pine Cooley.

Directions: Take I-94 to the east of St. Paul, and take the McKnight exit south to North Park Drive. Turn west (right) on North Park Drive and park on the street. The group will meet near the intersection of McKnight and North Park Drive.

October 12, 2017: Centennial Lakes Park Hike (Edina) – Hike Leader: Linda Quammen  

Join the group for a hike at Edina’s Centennial Lakes Park.

Centennial Lake has 10-acres of crappies, sunnies, bullhead and northern pike ready for fisherfolk to catch. Centennial LakeThe 24-acre park’s paved trails outline the lake, passing by a variety of delightful spaces. There is a park pavilion, an amphitheater, boating concession, maze, putting green, swings and many other types of seating throughout the different sunny or shady areas. Myriad shops and restaurants are just a few steps away from the paths, as well.

Directions: From Interstate 494 in Bloomington, exit onto France Ave. Go north on France Ave. and turn right onto Parklawn Ave. Take the first left into the parking lot. You will see “West Elm” on the building at the north end of the lot. Park near that end (but don’t park against that wall as it is restricted) and we’ll walk down into the park together.

October 19, 2017: Cedar Lake Hike (Minneapolis) – Hike Leader: Chris Olson      

Join the group for an urban hike from Bryn Mawr Park under Highway 394 and along the trails of lovely Cedar Lake. The lake, about 170 acres and over 50 feet deep, is wrapped in greenery and offers iconic views of downtown. Cedar Lake

Directions: Take I-394 to the Penn Avenue exit and go north on Penn Avenue about 100 feet to immediate first right turn, 8th Avenue SE. Turn right and park on the street as soon as you can see Bryn Mawr Park. (If you miss the first turn, the second right turn, on Mount View Avenue, also works, with a right turn on Oliver Avenue South to come back to the park.) Meet by the first ball field in Bryn Mawr Park.

October 26, 2017:  Crosby Lake Regional Park Hike(St. Paul) – Hike Leader: Tom Ellerbe

Join us for a hike through the extensive prairie habitat and floodplain forest of the Crosby Lake Regional Park.

Crosby Farm Regional Park, at 736 acres, preserves a natural floodplain area of the Mississippi River and steep slopes of oak forest. During seasonal floods of the river, fish and other aquatic animals gain access to Upper Crosby Lake, Lower Crosby Lake, and all the ponds scattered throughout. Several regional trails connect to it, including the Big Rivers Regional Trail in Dakota County; the Samuel H. Morgan Trail; and the Mississippi Gorge Trail. forest path in fall

Directions: Crosby Regional Park is just east, across the Mississippi River, from historic Fort Snelling and the Airport. From the Fort Snelling area, go east over the Highway 5/West Seventh St/Fort Road bridge over the Mississippi River. Immediately across the bridge, take the Shepard Road/Edgecumb Road exit. Follow the signs to Shepard Road and at the intersection with Shepard Road, turn east (left).

The entrance to the Crosby Farm Regional Park is a few hundred feet further, on the south (right) side of Shepard Road. Follow the park road east down the bluff, past the Watergate Marina area, to the first parking lot in the park, by the park picnic shelter. If that first parking lot is full, continue 1/8th of a mile east past the picnic shelter to the next parking lot. We will meet in the parking lot by the picnic shelter.



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