Spring Green Along The Mississippi

Plants are growing, trees are leafing out and grass is greening up. Isn’t spring wonderful? Let’s get out and breathe in all that clean, grassy, leafy, spring air along the Mississippi River this Thursday.

May 3, 2018: 7-8:30 pm: South St. Paul Riverfront Trail Hike (South St. Paul) – Hike Leader: Tom Ellerbe

Come with us for a hike on a “rails-to-trails” trail along the Mississippi River in South St. Paul. Once, South St. Paul was home to the largest stockyards in the world. Meatpacking and related businesses became the heart of South St. Paul’s economy. Lake Harriet Park, MinneapolisWorld War II brought peak years to the industry but in the late 1960’s and 1970’s, the market decentralized and the sprawling plants became obsolete.

Directions: From I-94, near downtown St. Paul’s eastern end, take Hwy 52 exit south over the Mississippi River. Turn onto Concord Street/Highway 56 exit and proceed south to the northern end of South St. Paul. About 100 yards south of Butler Avenue intersection is the trailhead, on the west (right) side of Concord Street, underneath the pedestrian bridge.



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