Sunday, May 13th, Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden Hike

Calling mothers and all others–join us for a floriferous Mothers Day hike Sunday afternoon. Yes, Sunday, not Thursday, because why not? And because it’s not nice to miss Nature putting on its annual spring show, is it?

May 13, 2018: SUNDAY, 3-5 pm: Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden Hike (Minneapolis) – Hike Leader: Linda Quammen 

Spring ephemeral wildflowers are blooming now–trilliums, trout lilies, Virginia bluebells and much more. Let’s explore the oldest public wildflower garden in America this Sunday and enjoy them before they’re gone. (Note: We will stop numerous times on this hike to see/smell the flowers. So, definitely more smiles than miles.) Nodding trillium

Directions: NOTE: Westbound I-394 from downtown Minneapolis to Hwy 100 WILL BE CLOSED Fri.-Sun., May 11-13 so use ALTERNATE ROUTES, such as Hwy 100 north or south to Glenwood Ave. Continue on Glenwood Ave. past Theodore Wirth Parkway then turn left into the Wirth Beach parking lot. We will meet at the Wirth Beach House and walk the path to the wildflower garden’s back gate.



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