May 2017 Hikes

May 4, 2017: Arden Hills/Twin City Arsenal Hike (St. Paul) – Hike Leader:  Chris Olson

Join the group for a hike in Arden Hills on a portion of the North Rice Creek Trail through a 113-acre portion of the former Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant/Arsenal area. The Rice Creek North Regional Trail is a pedestrian and bicycle trail running southwesterly along Rice Creek from Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Park Reserve in Anoka County to Long Lake Regional Park in Ramsey County. Continue reading

April 2017 Hikes

April 6, 2017: Summit Avenue East End Hike (St. Paul) – Hike Leader:  Tom Ellerbe

Join the group for a hike along Summit Avenue, one of the best preserved upper-class Victorian promenade boulevards in America.

Summit Avenue is a monumental boulevard of houses, churches, synagogues, and schools that stretches four-and-one-half miles, from the St. Paul Cathedral to the Mississippi River. Once the abode of St. Paul’s rich and famous, in the 1850’s they began ascending Summit Hill and erecting splendid homes as monuments to their success. Of the structures built–an assortment of Queen Ann, Romanesque, Beaux Arts, Georgian Revival, and Italian Villa styles–85 percent remain intact. The architecture of Summit Avenue does not lack critics, however. Frank Lloyd Wright, for instance, assailed it for being “the worst collection of architecture in the world.” Portland Avenue, paralleling Summit Avenue, also reflects upper class and upper middle-class housing built from the 1880’s through World War I. Continue reading

March 2017 Hikes

March 2, 2017: Midtown Greenway Midsection Hike (Minneapolis)
Hike Leader: Chris Olson

Directions: Take Hiawatha Avenue to south Minneapolis to Lake Street. Turn east onto Lake Street and proceed about 15 blocks to 39th Avenue South. Turn north (left) on 39th Avenue South and proceed two blocks, to Brackett Park, at the intersection of 39th Avenue South and 28th Street East. Park on the street on either 39th Avenue South or 28th Street East. We will meet on the corner of 39th Avenue South and 28th Street East.

March 9, 2017: Como Park Hike (St. Paul)
Hike Leader: Tom Ellerbe Continue reading

Mud & Moss


It’s official–spring has bounced into the region.

Not hearts and flowers spring. Not yet. More like crazy, head-case mud and moss spring. You know, Early spring. Brown mud, brown grass, brown leaves. Patches of dirty snow hanging on for dear life until rain converts it back into liquid form.

But we’re loving it, savoring the re-emerging hills of brown, covered with trees bare of anything but bark. We hike each trail, reacquainting ourselves with its curves, the sounds of the creek by its side, the smell of the air–raw or soft but filled with the scent of life, awake and getting ready to go to work.

Come watch Nature preparing for its closeup: join us for a hike.


Thanks for checking out our new Thursday Night Hikes website. We hope you’ll also check out our hikes in the coming weeks and months.

The next hike is Thursday night (of course), Nov. 3, at Thomas Lake Park in Eagan. The weather should be mild–just right for hiking and listening to the rustle of the oak and aspen trees. Please join us to walk and talk in the great outdoors.